RESTART Sugar & Inflammatory Food Elimination and Nutritional Education Program – $300

RESTART is a support group style, education based, 3 week elimination/whole foods challenge that meets weekly for 5 weeks.

Please contact me regarding specific details, including the next start date.

* price includes weekly handouts, a cookbook, weekly emails, and endless support


Upon completion of this program, four 1:1 bi-monthly nutritional therapy sessions are available: $400.

Please contact me regarding specific details.

Individual Nutritional Therapy Sessions

  • Initial Consultation Includes:  Analysis of all completed paperwork (321 item symptom questionnaire, 5-day food/mood journal, and background info); An in-person meeting to discuss findings and observations and to ask additional questions; A phone consultation to discuss recommendations and plan of care; And then one follow-up in-person meeting about 2 weeks later ($250)
  • Additional 1 HOUR session: This session will be tailored to what you need, whether that be more nutritional therapy work, additional meal planning, grocery shopping guidance, pantry clean out, any combo of the above, etc.  ($125).


Initial consult, initial follow up, and 3 additional sessions: $540

Here is some feedback from a few, very recent RESTART graduates:

This program helped me to kick some bad habits and to add some good ones. I feel better about having the fortitude to make healthier choices.

It was easier to stop eating the sugar than I thought it would be.

I truly loved the group meeting, which created support and provided great info.

I will continue to read labels, prepare for meals to avoid scrambling, and try to achieve a parasympathetic state before eating as I move forward.

This is a program designed to truly “restart” your system and help you to focus on eating healthier foods.